Dec 7, 2011

Can Of Worms

Let me start off by telling you about the reason of my long absence. I apologize ahead for the length of this post but there was no way I could open this can of worms and walk away with a small post. I also apologize ahead for the fact that I won't be able to complete this in a single post but there isn't just one can of worm that needed to be opened.

So it all started in August, my mother has been looking for a match for my elder sister. She has been in contact with several RK( Short for Rishta Khala) for this purpose. The RK need to know about your entire family so that they can find the most suitable match possible. Someone a particular RK knew asked for to keep an eye out for a boy for their daughter. They were in no hurry to get their daughter married. They preferred that the girl knows the guy for a period of a few years before the actual proposal is sent and accepted so that she is able to make an informed decision. They requested for someone to be in the 22 to 25 age bracket, preferably studying to be a doctor and has plans to settle abroad in the US. The RK dialed down on to me as a possible candidate and contacted mum.

My mom was far too busy to take proper interest as my sister was the one that needed to get married. However she didn't decline the offer made by RK either and requested to be introduced to the girl's family. Up to this point, I had no knowledge of the storm that was brewing at the coastline.

My mom had her first conversation with that girl's mother a little bit after Eid. As my mother got to know the girl, she was absolutely completely totally horribly impressed. Pretty, academically strong, rock-solid personality, determined, motivated and studying in one of the best medical colleges in the world and definitely the best in Pakistan. She hailed from a family similar to ours. My mother had basically found the perfect daughter-in-law. Even now I was not clued into this recent development.

Abit later, my mom discussed with my sister and e-mailed her the girl's pictures. The girl's family had seen me as mother had e-mailed them some pictures as well - the nerve of her!

So one of the pictures sent by the girl's family was a family picture. My sister recognized the girl's older sister who happened to be my sister's best friend from school. They were in the same class from 6th Grade up to graduation after which she got married and got busy in starting a family while my sister started pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. Coincidentally my sister had graduated from the same college this girl was studying in currently. My sister had plenty of good things to say about the family which fueled my mother's desire even more. It was sometime in mid September when my mother sat me down and told me about what had been going on.

What happened next?

Wait for the next post! 


jits said...

OMG phunk dont tell me ur married !!! post soon .. btw happy to see you back :)

krish patrick said...

hey man u r back!!...i thought u stopped blogging alrdy are u??...cant wait to know what happend next :)

Tanan said...

Wasn't you out to your mom?

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