Sep 11, 2011

Rishta Khala

With arranged marriages still running their reign with an iron-fist in the Indo-Pak community all around the world, we have certain technicalities and quirks that go hand in hand with them. One such thing is the Rishta Khala - something most find necessary but others like me find annoying. This particular creatures exist solely with in our community. I can tell you right now that you will not find another like her anywhere else, and somehow if you do - it will be nothing like ours. What we have is truly one of a kind; fortunately for you.

These women - yes, no man has the stamina to take up this responsibility, they exist solely for the purpose for arranging, assisting and obviously attending marriage ceremonies. Their principle task is to find a suitable partners for the people or the children of the people who approach them. Some are so unbelievably committed to their duty that they are constantly searching for eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. It really doesn't matter where they are or what the other person is doing, if someone looks of age and single they strike up a conversation. My cousin actually got stopped in Walmart for a quick 'interview'. Unless you come equipped with a quick tongue and sharp thinking skills, your goose is cooked. To them, you are a sitting duck!

However thankfully not everyone can be a Rishta Khala. You need to be of a certain age, have a certain circle of friends and family who have children of marriageable age and the ability to counsel people. I would admit right now that my mom is a rishta khala herself, however she only assumes the responsibility if someone approaches her. She isn't actively out looking for single people, and she won't till I am anywhere in vicinity. To date she's arranged five marriages, three of which have already happened. One will be happening in December later this year or January next year. The other one is scheduled for March next year.

I often tease my mother for her little side business. "Arranging a marriage has the rewards of doing a Hajj.", she counters and I have nothing more to say. My mother is a big lover of marriages and weddings herself, however I find the whole prospect of arranging and tying couples too extensive and involving. But to those who can do it - kudos to them. If I ever get a house of my own, there will be a sign outside it that reads 'No Rishta Khalas Allowed', I would take on the responsibility myself but just for my own kids, nieces and nephews if I my siblings or parents ask me to do so.

However I feel that I will be getting dragged into this business prematurely. My college has a very large female population and that makes me a very good source of girls. When a relative of mine approached me for her son, my mouth literally dropped open. Thankfully I don't know many girls aside from those who I hang out with on a daily basis, and I am not tying any of their knots.

Yours truly had a face to face encounter with a Rishta Khala two years ago. I shall be blogging about that in the next post. Sorry for being slow on posts lately, college work has me completely tied up. I am actually missing blogging. Hope everyone is doing great!


krish patrick said...

interesting ! :)) and i couldnt stop laughing when i read : 'If I ever get a house of my own, there will be a sign outside it that reads 'No Rishta Khalas Allowed'' LOL

editor said...

lol.. so true..

Phunk Factor said...

@ krish patrick

Hopefully some day you'll get to see a picture as well :)

@ Editor

I know, right?!

krish patrick said...

a pic of ur hse with the sign of No Rishta Khalas Allowed?? haha

Secret Admirer said...

"When a relative of mine approached me for her son, my mouth literally dropped open."
Well mine too, I misunderstood it, thought it came for you..Then I read the next part carefully..:P

hmm...I wish my parents arrange a marriage for me wid a guy..:D

Fasih said...

lol, I have an aunt who does that :S damn irritating being around her, plus i don't even like arranged marriages :/ oh wait... I don't like marriages at all :p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Krish Patrick

Believe it.

@ Secret Admirer

Roflmao - i wish. They're son is a real cutie.

@ Fasih

Hahaha...well lotsa fabulous people don' it's kinda understood :)

Aaron Khan said...

I develop an automatic dislike 4 any1 mentioning my marriage :p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aaron Khan

No surprise there ;)

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