Aug 14, 2011

Jaago Pakistan

A few days back I was hanging out with a cousin who was visiting Pakistan with her two sons and husband. The elder son who's nine years old right now likes Pakistan. In fact he likes it so here that he wanted them to move here from States. His father is a very reasonable man, and innocence is something that he considers a weakness. "There is too much terrorism and corruption here to be happy!", he explained to the little boy.

There was a huge conversation following that sentence on terrorism, corruption and Pakistan between my cousin, her husband, my parents, me and a few contribution from the young mind. "So basically you mean that terrorism is destroying Pakistan from the outside and corruption is doing the same from the inside?!"

I was astonished by this kid's amazing sense of observation. Also I was dumbstruck by what a nine year old can understand, why can't men of considerable age do the same? And if they do, then why don't they do something about it?!

It's like what an aunt of mine says whenever one of her children does something stupid, "Khopri may kya rakha hai, dimagh ya bhoonsa?" (Translation; What's inside your head - brain or hay?)

Over the last few months, I can not believe the things that have been happening in Pakistan. Target killing! Doctors going on strike! Drone attacks! Attacks on minorities! Innocent people being killed in broad day light by army personnel! Entire areas of cities echoing gun shots! Complete lock down! Complete black outs! Fuel shortage! Attack on Army base! Growing frustrations! Recession! I mean seriously, is that all left to us now?

I'm literally sick of watching the news these days because either every single thing on makes me want to run away till all these memories become a distant part in my mind locked away forever. I remember how I shuddered every time they showed the footage of innocent Sarfaraz Shah being gunned down and bleeding to death in public in broad day light. And I didn't even know him!

So can you ever imagine what passed over the battered and bruised hearts of those who were linked to him personally?

A friend of mine said that these problems will never have a true solution because there is nobody who is willing to actually work on them, and that the officials keep raising petty issues so that the public's eye stays off the main problems. Somewhere I have a feeling that he is correct!

On a certain talk show whose name is slipping from my mind right now, a young man from the viewers got up and gave a comment that is still resonating in my mind. "Hum ko zameen to milgayee, lekin hum ko Pakistan nahi mila" (Translation; We got the land, but we didn't get Pakistan).

The public is desperately waiting for something to happen. The light at the end of the tunnel! The break of the dawn after the passing of the terrible storm! That ray of sunlight which would pierce through the darkness and light up the world! We want a change - and we want it now!

However it seems like those in the high places have a different agenda, and it's one that will not do anybody any good besides the ones who are planning it. I'm not naming names because I have little knowledge about these people. Also almost everytime you think you know everybody from a certain political party, somebody new comes up. "Jin ko duniya ka koi bhetr kaam nahi hai, woh saaray Politics may hain!", (Translation; Those who have nothing better to do go into Politics) a comment from my deceased maternal grandfather.

I'm literally sick of watching talk show in  which unknown power hungry freaks are all speaking up at the same time and nobody is really getting their point across. The host needs to have excellent baby sitting skills because it is literally like managing a bunch of noisy brats. I'm sick of them!

There is literally no hope from these people. To hang on this thread is like hoping that the dead would rise and lions would start feeding on grass. Absolutely nothing can be done about them. Absolutely nothing! If at all any change must come, it needs to come from you. It needs to come from me. It needs to come from us - from inside us!

First thing that we must do is be Pakistani before we be anything else. That's the identification of a true Pakistani. From what ever part of Pakistan we may originate from or whether we have migrated here from some place else - it does NOT matter. It does not need to matter. You are a Pakistani! I am a Pakistani! We all are Pakistani!

Secondly there has to be compassion for fellow man. How can we expect ourselves to get any better when all we are generous with towards each others is criticism and ridicule. Open your hearts and respect others honestly!

Thirdly there has to be a sense of co-operation. We all want Pakistan to light up the world, don't we? That's our common goal! So shouldn't our efforts also be unified and collective towards that goal?

Fourthly stop blaming and cease excusing. There is a positive reinforcement sign that I saw once which said - If you want to do something, you will do it. If you do not want to do something, you will find a thousand excuses to not do it!

In our history lessons there is a chapter that details all the particular difficulties Pakistan faced from the unfair division of the assets. More than a fact, I believe it's a sympathy act! Okay, so we got the shorter end of the stick but we had 64 frigg'in years to turn things around! Didn't w?! Did we turn things around?

Not as much as we should have! It's more like we started spinning in circles!

Another thing we need to do is bone up on is responsibility. We need to be responsible citizens. Nobody is going to come from the any where to help us out, if we first don't help ourselves. There are people who actually see and believe that Pakistan houses one of the best charities in the world - Edhi, and they want to come here to actually put their funds into it. However the unstable conditions here force them to think otherwise. We need to be responsible and be vigilant. Vote! Save! Invest! Move forward!

It is high time we molded Pakistan into the vision that our fore fathers fought so barvely for. Anything less would be an insult to their sweat, blood and tears. And it has to start now!

It is like they say in the 'Khamoshi ka Boycott' campaign which I so badly love - Aaj nahi bolo gaye to kal bhugto gaye! (Translation; If you don't do something about it now, you will regret about it tomorrow)

I know everybody has their favorite Pakistani patriotic song and my favorite happens to be the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.



krish patrick said...

its the same thing here, in tend to manipulate the media and the public..they beleive by raising up petty issues, we tend to forget the major ones...and at the same time, the opposition which is controlling 5 out of 14 states (a huge breakthru for opposition during a political tsunami in 2008after so many years of gov havin 2/3 say in parliament), are keeping on harpin on the failures of previous gov rather than correctin them and moving forward....interestin rite? neither the gov nor the opposition is good...haizzz

Phunk Factor said...

@ Krish Patrick


A friend of mine goes to Malaysia frequently and all the pics we get to see are so fantastic, it's hard to believe anything like evil exists there!

krish patrick said...

haha u gotta be a malaysian i guess to understand the filthy ways, that malaysian politicians use :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ krish patrick

Hahaha...yes, I guess

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