Jul 10, 2011

On Sexuality

During my 9th Grade, we used to have these Self-Improvement classes. It was a class meant to raise our awareness of our forth-coming responsibility as adults. There was a wide variety of subjects covered in those classes. All were focused on honing our minds, perfecting our bodies and polishing our spirits.

One particular class that I remember even today is the one in which we were explained about our increasing attraction to the opposite sex. Our teacher said this one sentence that will never slip off my memory. "Sexuality plays a very important part in the structuring of our personality!"

Jul 6, 2011

Did I Tell You About The Time I Almost Got Someone Fired?

Sometime during 2003, my parents decided it was time to get a second car. With my dad away for work most of the time, the second car was supposed to stay at home for any errands that my grandparents would need to run. Since my mom used to work during the day, we hired a driver. He came through the reference of our maid at that time. In Pakistan, menial work comes cheap and just about everybody can find somebody to do it.
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