May 3, 2011

No Man Drama - I Promise

Yes, I know many of you will immediately roll your eyes upon noticing that I have started yet another blog. Another blog?! He's gone crazy!

I have a perfectly stable and running blog( Or so I like to believe) that you all know as Go Phunk Yourself!!! and then there is one detailing my nearly dead dating life - Coffee & Boys. They both are doing well and I don't think either of them will be coming to a halt any time soon. I know C&B has sort of been slow on posts lately but university and the lack of nice guys has taken my posting momentum down. I still have a few guys, both old and new I have to post about. GPY!!! has alot to come and it has a long way to go with many more incidents and many more twisted thoughts of mine. I hope you all are there to read and comment on them, also correct them if you think that a certain ideology is just way too messed up!

But one thing that has been pointed towards by certain readers is that the images used on GPY!!! are way too scandalous for many. It's not just straight readers who have mentioned in a comment or an email that the pictures I post make it seem more of a controversy generators.

Leaving the man-drama aside, the posts I have done on my perception about religion, marriage and sexuality have been particular favorites. Given these topics are far more serious and have a wider platform of appeal, it's fair that they get their own spot in my Phunkdom (Don't ask me. A friend made it up and I sort of liked it! ), so here is a separate blog for the more serious Phunks. People seem to be interested so I guess it's fair that they get the chance to do so without rapidly switching tabs or windows, or answering awkward questions if someone saw from their shoulder top. I remember the one time my dad caught me reading some blog about a girl who was insecure of her bust and was considering a breast implant. She had a picture of Pamela Anderson from her Baywatch days. My mother standing behind me was shocked to think that I was viewing porn in broad day light. LOL!

Scary, no?

So here's my brand new attempt that will dwell the more serious side of me and hopefully this will lead to people realizing that there is alot more to us than the commonly perceived notions. I will be starting with a few of old GPY!!! posts that will form the base of what is to be posted here later and then some new posts will be coming later. Stay tuned!

Image taken from CodeAires 


Andrea Almanza said...

I will be a fan no matter how many you start. Every person has a mutitude of aspects. Learning about each one clarifies the whole picture. So: go Phunkie go!

Samuel Khan said...

‎*grabs the TrobeLonez n gets ready to be phunkeD for the life :)

Whimsical Hatter said...

So,where am I going to be put up in 'Phunkdom'? The Palace or the Courtesan Quarters or the Harem?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Andrea Almanza

Thanks, Andy...but yes, most definitely there won't be more than 3!

At least I hope!

@ Samuel Khan

And where exactly is my Toblerone?

@ Whimsical Hatter

I'll leave that up to you...personally i'd prefer u to be the Queen! ;)

Hadi Hussain said...

Well finally my serious Phunko is coming out of cocoon and ready to show his wonderful amazing colours, *claps like a manic child* :) All the best buddy

Phunk Factor said...

@ Hadi Hussain

Hahaha...thanks, man!! *hugs*

Addy said...

:) kooool

Phunk Factor said...

@ Addy

Thanks, man! :)

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